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i'm gabriela, 16 years old, i live in canada. i love girls. this blog is dedicated to my baby demetria devonne lovato. i made this blog not only to reblog pictures of demi and what not. but to talk to you lovely people, and give advice as well. so don't be afraid to message me. i really honestly love you all so much.

@stylememaeve: #RedCarpetReady #SneakPeak of @ddlovato DRIPPING in @lynn_ban and @xivkarats jewels #ProudStylis

@stylememaeve: #RedCarpetReady #SneakPeak of @ddlovato DRIPPING in @lynn_ban and @xivkarats jewels #ProudStylis


Demi Lovato Hair () - Red

Title: Somebody To You (Acoustic)
Artist: The Vamps feat. Demi Lovato
Album: Meet The Vamps
Plays: 17976


when in doubt, eat her out

Anonymous asked: I need some advice,me and my gf are both virgins but we're gonna have sex pretty soon but I'm really scared that I won't be able to give her an orgasme,like what if i suck at eating her out,I would be so ashamed :/ any advice?I love your blog btw :3

maybe try and make her feel the way you’d want to feel, and see what happens from there.. but aside from that, never be ashamed of stiff like that because you are capable of making your girlfriend feel good! and with time she will help guide you ti the places that make her weak/drive her to an orgasm, practice makes perfect ;p


52/100 pictures of demi lovato

OMG, i just thought of my perfect meet and greet picture with demi🙊👌

"Every single one of you is unique, beautiful, and worthy of a great life."

Anonymous asked: Were they like making out or was it a peck?!!??!?!!?!!!!!n uRE so luckyyy


Omg I wish they were making out haha. They were like slow sensual kisses, probably lasting from 3-5 seconds. She got up on her toes, they held each other (I can’t remember whether they both held each other or whether Wilmer just held her), their lips touched for a few seconds with their eyes closed. Then she pulled away while they were still holding each other (again, either both or just Wilmer), they looked into each other’s eyes and had big genuine smiles on their faces and then she leaned in again for another. Then unfortunately I had to look away because the production people were moving us farther away so when she was filming we ‘wouldn’t distract her’ -.-